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L. A. King supplies custom laminated insulation for wood and metal buildings in Oklahoma. With two convenient locations – Tulsa and Oklahoma City – we laminate to specification and deliver on-site and on-time for building manufacturers and commercial construction companies.

Blanket Insulation

Oklahoma Commercial Insulation

Send us your drawings and specifications. We will develop the cut list and deliver to your job site for easy installation. Need advice? We are here to help you get the most for your money. Have a problem? We offer solutions. We deliver where you want it, when you want it. We won’t fit you into a route schedule. We represent JohnsManville and Certainteed. Fiberglass insulation in a wide range of thermal resistance R-values, unfaced and faced, including kraft or foil. Pebs and condensation blanket too.

Facings Insulation

Oklahoma Instulation

Vapor retarders by Lamtec and E & H for wall and roof filled cavity insulation systems. It is a cost-effective way to meet or exceed prescribed U-Values for metal building walls and roofs with fiberglass insulation. Faced insulation allows for easier access to the purlins and girts for installation and maintenance of electrical, HVAC and sprinkler systems.

  • VRR+
  • VRR+ Black
  • PSK
  • WMP
  • Tabs: 1 x 6”, 2 x 3” or long
  • GymGuard
  • ArenaShield
  • Lamtec R-3035 HD (foil)

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When your project demands the best customer service, competitive-pricing, and on-time delivery, L. A. King will be there.